Let us sell your car for you.

For European and other collector cars, you can count on us to sell it for you. Our fees are nominal and we have a reputation for being one of the most upfront and transparent auto dealers in Houston. We will not bring in just any vehicle in our auto consignment program. They must be collector, special and/or clean vehicles to qualify. If you have something that you think fits our criteria, tell us about it by using this contact form. We’ll schedule a time to discuss or meet. We’ll tell you upfront what we think we can sell it for and explain how the rest of the process works.

There are many benefits to consigning a car:

  • Saves you time
    • We will have your car cleaned/detailed
    • We will take nice photos for the web listings
    • We will write all of the copy for your ad
    • We will post the car for sale in the outlets best for that vehicle
    • We will answer all emails, phone calls and test drives
    • We will handle all of the paperwork involved
    • We will pay off a lien, if necessary
    • We will handle all of the title transfer related activities
  • Safety
    • We will screen all interested buyers
    • We will accompany prospective buyers on test drives
    • Your vehicle will be stored in our secure facility with central alarm and video surveillance
    • We will assure you receive the money you are entitled to after a sale
  • Financial (the most obvious reason)
    • Dealers are generally able to sell cars for more than individuals because buyers have recourse in the event of an issue with the car they purchased. When consigning, individual sellers have the opportunity to earn more than they would otherwise.
    • Residents of Texas have the added benefit of auto sales tax credits when going through a dealer! We are a very in and out friendly auto dealer.
    • The time we save you is also saving you money

So if you have a special vehicle or a vehicle which you feel fits the kind of vehicles we generally sell, please contact us and let us know. It doesn’t hurt to ask!