This is where you agree to allow a licensed auto dealer list and sell your car for you. The main purpose is to save you time and money from having to do it yourself.

Our consignment fee varies on a few different factors. Each vehicle will have different expenses associated with it and we also have to estimate the amount of time our team will have to spend on it until it sells. However, we also take into consideration the value of the car to make it fair for you. Our fee scheduled starts out at only $500 per vehicle for cars we already have a buyer lined up for.

Yes! Just make sure you continue you making your payments as you normally do until the car is sold and the loan is paid off.

This is a difficult question to answer because the market for each car is different. We have sold cars on the same day and then we’ve had other cars that took several months to sell. It is in our best interest to sell your car quickly so know that we are on the same page as you. However, it’s not really in our control. We will follow all of the best-practices to do our part.

Yes. Our contract term is 60 days in most cases. This is because the first couple of weeks are spent preparing the car to sell and then we need some time to see our efforts materialize. After this, if you find your own buyer or change your mind, no problem. We will only ask to be reimbursed for our out-of-pocket expenses and we will not access for the success fee.

We like to sell the cars we know inside and out. These primarily include old and new Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen automobiles. However, we have also had great luck with exotic cars and many other makes and models. Best thing to do is contact us and talk to us about the car you want to sell.